All talks will be held in Room 338 Smith Memorial Union,
Portland State University
Talks are free and open to the public.

March 14, 7-9 PM—Melvyn Goldstein (John Reynolds Harkness Professor of Anthropology, Case Western Reserve University; Co-Director, Center for Research on Tibet).

Dr. Goldstein is a social anthropologist specializing in Tibetan society, history, and contemporary politics as well as in anthropology and history, cross-cultural gerontology, population studies, polyandry, cultural ecology and economic development/change. He has conducted research in Tibet (Tibet Autonomous Region of China) on a range of topics including nomadic pastoralism, the impact of reforms on rural Tibet, family planning and fertility, modern Tibetan history, and socio-economic change.

TOPIC: The impact of China's reform policies on rural Tibet (nomads and farmers) and the impact of modernization and changing patterns of intergenerational relations in Tibet.

April 5, 7-9 PM—Lobsang Sangay
Dr. Lobsang Sangay graduated from Harvard Law School on 2004. Presently, Dr. Sangay is a Research Fellow at Harward Law School.

Sangay became active in the Tibetan independence movement at the age of fourteen and went on to become one of the national leaders of Tibetan Youth Congress, the largest and the most active NGO in the Tibetan community in exile.

TOPIC: Sino-Tibetan Dialogue: Prospects and Perils?

April 25, 7-9 PM—Tsering Shakya
Canadian Research Chair in Religion and Contemporary Society in Asia
Institute for Asian Research, University of British Columbia

Tsering is a world renowned and widely published scholar, on both historic and contemporary Tibet. His most expansive work to date The Dragon in the Land of Snows: A History of Modern Tibet Since 1947 (Pimlico, London 1999) was acclaimed as “the definitive history of modern Tibet” by The New York Times, and "a prodigious work of scholarship” by the UK’s Sunday Telegraph. The book is the first comprehensive account of Tibet's recent history.

TOPIC: Tibet, Does History Matter?

July 24 - Aug. 7 -- TIBET TOUR 2007

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